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"Humility, empathy, and vulnerability are extremely important.  It is impossible to understand others if you aren't willing to try.  Authentic conversations are powerful. People who are willing to express themselves, listen to others are heroes. We aren't supposed to do life alone and we don't have to, so we shouldn't choose to. We become better by relating to others, accepting them, asking more questions, and speaking openly. This platform is for those who are interested in improving themselves and the world around them. We're all in this together, so we might as well help each other and build something beautiful."


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The goal of this platform is to amplify as many voices as possible. Our differences make us who we are, and they should be appreciated, equally. The "WAITF Interview Series" and "WAITF IRL" events will be held nationwide eventually spreading internationally.  This is a traveling platform, a movement to reach many. There are so many things in store for the WAITF community including a docu-series, events, parties, retreats, conferences, merchandise, a book club, and so much more! If you would like to donate to the expansion of this platform and our movement to bring people together, click below! 



"The Good Spill" - The WAITF Discussion Series:  This is a platform focused on bringing people together and making the world a better place. "The Good Spill" is an on-going series of workshop-style discussions created to build meaningful relationships and give back to the community. In each 4-week discussion series, participants bond, brainstorm, and collectively work together to create an initiative for a specific purpose. 


WAITF Interview Series:  Individuals are given the space to share their thoughts and experiences on camera. Interviewees are encouraged to be as transparent as possible because the purpose of this series is to increase empathy and relatability.  We cover a variety of topics, some are easier to discuss than others. It is important to shed light on subjects people normally shy away from because that is how we find solutions. These interviews prove that we are not so different as individuals. You are never alone in your experience. 


Join The Flesh Community! If you are part of a discussion series, participate in an interview, or support this platform in any way, please make a profile and upload a photo. You can connect with people if you love their videos, give input towards current initiatives and discussions, and stay up to date with what's new! 


BE KIND. -This is a safe space. Feel free to disagree with people, but do not be rude or belittle anyone. I will shut down your member profile and/or block your comments. Instead of being quick to judge, aim to understand! Ask questions, try to see why someone thinks the way they do before you try to rip them apart. It's hard for all of us to imagine a world where we aren't "always right" but I promise, you'll manage.  All subjects have the potential to be covered. Try your best to make a friend out of someone who thinks differently, you'll learn a lot! 

If you want to be interviewed or join a discussion please send a message here. 

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